About us


We are a father and son-in-law recyling company dealing with domestic and commercial property clearances. We also offer a flooring uplift and disposal service.

Simply put, we remove the burden of clearing your office, your house, your garage, your garden etc. No ifs and no but, we are fully licenced and professional. Trust and Realiabity are our core company values.

We are based in Darlington but work across the North East and the UK taking on large and small projects.

Why not give us a call to discuss your requirements on 07759096920.

What we do

Flooring uplift & disposal

Are you ready for a carpet refresh? We offer a fully licensed and environmentally friendly flooring uplift and removal service. Just ask us for more details.

House Clearance

Moss & Mudd is fully licensed to carry and dispose of waste with the added policy of recycling and repurposing anything that can be put to further use - minimising your impact on the environment wherever possible.

Office Clearance

If you've got something that needs clearing, whether residential or commercial, just get in touch! We'll give you a competitive quote which comes with the guarantee that we are fully licensed and insured - no fly tipping, EVER.

Commercial Waste

Rubble and building waste - rather than hire a skip, why not get in touch with us? Not only do we clear everything away, we are fully licensed and insured, and will recycle as much as is possible!

Garden Waste

If you find you've piles of tree cuttings, unwanted bricks from old walls or ponds, even just rubble - get in touch! A fully licensed, insured and professional service, guaranteed.

Household Waste

Excess of rubbish ? Missed bin collection? If so, we can help. We're just a phone call away and can have you sorted in a jiffy.     Fully licenced, insured and professional every time.


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